From Struggles to Empowerment: Walking With you Through Your Transformation

Hello I’m Anneliese Mack.

I offer counselling and therapy for adults, children and youth in Bowmanville, Ontario. My primary areas of treatment include anxiety, depression and stress, as well issues stemming from work-environments, unhealthy relationships, and current or past trauma.
I’d be honoured to walk with you through your transformation.



Behavioural Issues

Eating Disorders

I’m Anneliese Mack

Psychotherapist in Bowmanville

I consider it an honour to be invited into people’s lives, and I’d consider it a privilege to be a support as you work towards a more vibrant, healthy, fulfilling future. Call me today for your consultation.

Anneliese Mack provides psychotherapy services through personal interaction for individuals in Durham Region.

Anneliese Mack

36B King Street East in Bowmanville

Phone: 289.355.4215

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